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Meet Yuri, a talented tattoo artist hailing from the vibrant landscapes of Brazil. With a passion deeply rooted in art and nature, Yuri has carved out a unique niche for himself in the world of body art. Specializing in exquisite botanical and line tattoos, his creations breathe life into flowers, leaves, and lines that gracefully adorn the canvas of skin.

What sets Yuri apart is not just his exceptional skill but also his distinctive approach to his craft. Unlike traditional methods, Yuri shies away from stencils when tattooing in his signature style, opting instead for a more intimate connection with his clients' bodies. As if wielding a brush, he paints the outlines freehand, allowing the natural contours of the skin to guide his strokes. This unconventional technique isn't just a method; it's a testament to Yuri's commitment to infuse every piece with an organic, personalized touch.

Whether it's a vibrant bouquet of blossoms bursting with color, lines that hug your body or the elegant simplicity of black & grey flora, Yuri's tattoo artistry tells stories of nature and human expression intertwining.

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